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Power Spray Pump Bottle
Power Spray Pump Bottle
Power Spray Pump Bottle
Power Spray Pump Bottle
Power Spray Pump Bottle
Power Spray Pump Bottle
Power Spray Pump Bottle
Power Spray Pump Bottle

Power Spray Pump Bottle

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Wash your car efficiently, easily and wisely!

Drive a clean and shiny car without spending too much.  Make use of this car sprayer pump and cleaner - the Power Spray Pump Bottle that converts water into a fine mist or a powerful jet stream!


  • WATER AND ENERGY-EFFICIENT CLEANER - Use this handheld bottle pump which stocks pressure and release it through the nozzle. It utilizes human power to function. No electricity and no battery needed to operate. And it just needs 100 gallons of water for every 10 minutes of car washing! 

  • ADJUSTABLE AIR PRESSURE - Strong air pressure with an adjustable power nozzle. The nozzle is rotatable and adjustable to your desired power strength for water releasing. 

  • NO WATER BLOCKING - With smooth water flow and no blocking. It has a perfect and well crafted anti-blocking water mouth to ensure that the water will flow smoothly.

  • WELL MADE HUMANIZED DESIGN - With anti-skid handle design for easy and comfortable gripping. It has a built-in pump for power pressure to strongly release water. Lastly, it has an automatic safety relief valve that is responsible for regulating the mode of water release.

  • STRONG and HEAVY-DUTY MATERIAL This is made from a high-quality and strong plastic material which does not easily break or tear apart. This is temperature resistant, so it is open for use with hot or cold water for cleaning purposes.

  • SAFE AND EASY TO USE -  It has no harmful chemicals and safe to use by children too. It is very simple to operate, just fill in with water, pump a bit for necessary pressure and continue on with spraying and wiping to clean cars, windows, and others. 

  • MULTI-USE - This has a variety of uses. It can be used as a garden hose sprinkler, car cleaner, wall and window cleaning device or even a body mist sprayer.


  • Color: Green or Grey

  • Weight: 0.49lb

  • Capacity: 1.5L

  • Materials: ABS and Stainless steel

  • Packet: 1* Power Spray Pump Bottle